FIE & First-Year Programming

Our expertise 

FIE has been delivering exceptional study abroad programs since 1998 and programs specifically for first-year students since 2008. We pride ourselves in being a specialist provider of first-year programming services, including the service-learning components contained in many of our partners’ programs.   

The education ethos at FIE is predicated on the development of leadership through the student community, including throughout our first year programming with our college partners.  FIE’s articulated values are central to the design and delivery of our programs and impact our students’ experiences at all levels - in the classroom, in their residences, and through their extracurricular activities.  


FIE works with institutions in the US large and small, public and private, in the development and delivery of first-year programs, including both semester-long and year-long options. From course development and delivery to housing, student activities and much more, our expertise in these programs is unmatched in the international education field, and our understanding of the unique needs of first-year students is unparalleled.  

The UK & Ireland

We provide high-quality, active education experiences in the UK and Ireland. 

In situating your first year program with us in London or Dublin, you are guaranteeing your students will have their existing belief systems challenged in a different cultural context to their own – yet, a culture familiar enough for US-based students to feel secure enough to make the transition as an 18-year-old.  A common language and locations in safe, inspiring neighborhoods makes these two culturally rich cities ideal locations for your first year program abroad choice.  

Build a custom first-year program to meet your institutions needs
Our portfolio includes fall semester and full academic year models

“FIE has been supportive, reliable, and trustworthy
throughout all the years the College of Charleston has been working with them."

— Dr. Bruce Fleming, Director, iCharleston Program, College of Charleston
Interested in building and customizing a first-year abroad program that works for your institution? Contact our Institutional Relations Team, or complete the Contact Us form below:

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Chief Institutional Relations Officer  

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Dr Grahaeme Hesp
Senior Director, Institutional Relations Midwest US  

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Steve Luther 
Senior Director, Institutional Relations Western US  

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