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Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Future 

Gain international work experience without leaving home. FIE Online offers remote internships with both British and Irish companies that bring alive the vibrancy of London and Dublin, the expertise of our faculty, and the enormous resources our cities offer.

FIE Online's International Internships nurture an understanding of digital cultures and hone independent working and time management skills.  The online internship consists of both the internship and the course around it – allowing you to contextualize the cultural aspect of your experience.

Why FIE?

We specialize in life-changing study abroad programs in the UK and Ireland that will open up your future.  We are a values-driven community, invested in making a difference. We advance sustainable thinking, enabling students to positively impact their community, society and the wider world.

As a not-for-profit organization, we reinvest revenues to support students to flourish. FIE is committed to creating active, educational experiences that expand minds, foster cultural intelligence, and open up exciting opportunities.  FIE’s online internships reflect this heartfelt ambition. 
FIE's Online Internships are open to all applicants, but you must have completed a minimum number of university credits.  FIE's minimum requirement is the equivalent of 45 US university credits, 180 British university credits or 90 ECTS.
What Skills Will I Gain?

Working remotely builds skills in digital technologies as well as in essential skills areas, such as intercultural communication across digital distance. By the very nature of remote working, you will gain experience with professional email and phone etiquette, personal time management, and internet literacy. You'll also acquire skills that help set you apart, such as working across time zones, self-discipline, self-confidence, and the ability to operate entirely through online environments. 

Hard skills such as task-related software or industry knowledge will vary from internship to internship. 

Participating in an FIE Online Internship for credit is optional.  Students who opt to take it with credit will earn 3 semester credits/4.5 quarter credits through Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, FIE's School of Record.  This is equivalent of 6 ECTS or 12 British university credits. 
What's Included:
  • Individualized placement matching using FIE’s 20 years’ experience and industry networks
  • An online internship placement experience with a company based in Ireland or the UK 
  • Preparation with an online orientation and guidance throughout
  • A dedicated FIE Internship Mentor 
  • Advice on your CV (résumé) and Personal Statement
  • Networking and forum discussion opportunities with other FIE interns 
  • Employer feedback (appraisal) on your performance
  • Expert academic contextualization through an online course and academic credit (optional) 
For students who want to earn academic credit, the course component is delivered through video lectures, complemented by readings, materials and exercises. For these students, there is an online forum discussion space led by faculty for students to reflect on their internship and to discuss readings.  Whether students take the International Internship Course or not, FIE provides three one-to-one coaching sessions by an FIE Internship Mentor.  These facilitate professional development, virtual competencies and career readiness.  

Please find a link here to the
FIE Online International Internship Course outline/syllabus.
What Types of Internships Does FIE Offer?

A range of business areas.  You may be working on marketing projects, undertaking research for a start-up or putting a company’s brand message out on various social media platforms.  

You will be placed in a British or Irish company according to your own strengths and interests. If you are flexible and looking to gain transferable workplace skills, you are well-suited to FIE's Online Internships
FIE Online Internship Industry Areas:

Marketing, Advertising & Design
Film & Video Editing
Charity & Non-Profit
Business Administration
Communications & Journalism

Accountancy and finance are NOT available online due to data protection limitations. 
How long is the program and much will I work?

Spring and Fall: 10 weeks, 15-20 hours per week

Summer #1 and Summer #2: 8 weeks, 20-25 hours per week

Will there be other FIE interns working with the same company?

In some cases yes and in others, no.  You can request that you are placed with another intern if you wish, and we will do our best to meet that request. 

Spring 2023 fees with no academic credit awarded:

Spring 2023 fees with academic credit awarded:

For applicants outside the USA, payment will be taken at the $US amount at the exchange rate on day of the transaction. Your home institution may be able to provide credit directly if it is an FIE partner institution.  Or, FIE will provide a transcript from Drexel University, our School of Record, for the equivalent of 3 semester credits PER COURSE. 

Application fee: $500

Our full Withdrawal and Refund policy is at the bottom of FIE's Dates & Fees webpage.
Key Dates - Online Internships 2022

Program Dates:

Spring 2023: Jan 23 - Mar 31
Summer 1 2023: May 22 - July 14
Summer 2 2023: June 19 - Aug 11 
Fall 2023: Sept 18 - Nov 24

Application Deadlines: 

Spring 2023: Nov 15 2022
Summer 1 2023: April 1 2023
Summer 2 2023: April 15 2023
Fall 2023: June 15 2023

Applications will close when placements are full

Do I Need to Interview for the Internship?

Yes.  After you are accepted, you will be required to participate in a Zoom meeting with one of the FIE Online Internship mentors. This will allow us to get to know a bit more about you, your goals, your personality, and why you are interested in an online internship. This is also a great opportunity for you to add in anything you think might boost your chances with potential companies that you may have forgotten to put into your FIE application.
Are Scholarships Available?

Yes.  While the cost of FIE's Online Internships is competitive, we believe in opening study abroad opportunities for every student through scholarships.

For all 2022 programs, we offer a number of full tuition fee scholarships to make online internships more accessible. Visit our Scholarships page for more information.

I'm Interested!
How Do I Apply?

Complete the online application form found by clicking the APPLY HERE button below. You will need to have ready a transcript, a CV (resume), and a Personal Statement.

Submitting suitable materials is extremely helpful for your FIE Online Internship Mentors in arranging your internship, as unsuitable materials cause delays which can impact the placement process and affect the placements that are available to you. Once you're ready to apply, you can read more in our
FIE Online Internships Guidance Document.
Have questions? Our internship experts in London & Dublin are here to answer them! Check out our recorded Q&A session on YouTube
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Contact FIE's US-based staff near you:

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Steve Luther
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